Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Squish Moments!

Just some new photos of my boys. Technically, i should've got up off my butt and snapped a photo of Homer nesting in the wheel today..... But these ones will have to do.

Homer playing around on one of the Hammock Hangers from cosybedsandburrows
Fantastic product! I mean seriously, those things are awesome.

Little Boots all curled up in a epic flame pocket hammock from Chelsey's Cozies
He's such a smoosh...

Homer boggling as he eats..... he REALLY likes food!

The boys being snuggle chubbers in a Hammock SLeeping Bag from Kitsch-N-SNiff

Some uber cute squishy-sleepiness! *dies*

The boys all snuggled into a hammock a fellow rat owner & good friend made for them!
It's an awesome design!

Homer being a super lazy pudge
& Little Boots looking at me all innocent like 'I swear, it wasn't me who messed up the litter tray!'

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