Monday, January 23, 2012

Onslaught of Cuteness

Khan all curled up.

Khan all flopped out.

Khan flopped on Little Boots

Little Boots cuddling Homer

Little Boots cuddling Homer, again :P

All three, flopped out.

Rat Brooch

Just thought I'd share this absolutely adorable brooch I came across recently. Really wish I could afford this right now. So unique & adorable. Love coming across items like this. I really should build myself a brooch collection.

Created by J. W. Anderson

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random 'Awww' Moments!

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of Homer, being his usual cute self. As one can never have enough cuteness in their life.

Quite rare for my rattys to lay on their backs, was nice to snap that pic. The 'hands in front of me' thing on the other hand is Homers 'thing'. He's all very proper like that :P

PEZ hammock is from Robin's Hammocks

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keeping Your Rat Cool

So, it's summer here in Australia & this week we had 3days straight where the temperature reached 40degrees celcius(about 104farenheit). Typically, it's best to keep your rats in temperatures no higher then 28degrees... this presented a problem. Poor little furries & their inability to sweat...
Our newest idea was to tear up a tea towel, wet & freeze the pieces & drape them over the cage. Along with a fan directed at the cage, this seemed to help a lot. Of course, the traditional ice in their water bottle & ice cubes to munch on helped too!
We've also been keeping watermelon on our shopping list this summer, helps keep our little fluffers hydrated.
I also like to set up their little paint-tray pool on hot days. Throw in a few ice cubes & frozen peas. The little rattums enjoy it.

Beyond all my usual "it's hot as hell" options, I also have a great recipe to share, thanks to Robin's Hammocks:

P'Nut Butter Banana Ice Cream!

A nice cool, healthy treat in the summer for your ratties!
  • 32oz Plain yogurt (nonfat)
  • 4 Ripe bananas
  • 1 Cup peanut butter
  • Blend together until all mixed & no chunks
  • Pour into ice cube trays (takes about 6)
  • Freeze & enjoy!

    Hope some of my summer suggestions/ideas help. Comments with other suggestions are more then welcome :D