Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Rat Stuff!

Got some new items in the mail today from AnimalLover2. I've been doing quite a bit of rat shoping on etsy actually. Got a few basic hammocks & corner hammocks from TomatoBrains just a couple of weeks ago. I also recently got a Bucket-O-Rats from Kistch N Sniff(& got another order from them on it's way). Thought I'd share some images with you, as they're wonderful pet home designers & their sewing quality is wonderful(very sturdy items). Also, the tunnel from AnimalLover2 & the Bucket were custom sizes. Always love a DIYer who will make customs for me :D

Hut by AnimalLover2

Tunnel by AnimalLover2

Hammock by TomatoBrains

Bucket-O-Rats by Kitsch N Sniff

As you can see, Homer is my ratty model :P He seems to get into every photo!
I will post about more DIY rat designers in the future... always finding new places to shop. etsy & eBay are always helpful in the 'rat shopping' realm though :P

Monday, August 29, 2011

Khan the pillow rat!

I'm working on a 'Basic Rat Needs' post, but for now, here's some super cute photos of my rattys... specifically Homer using Khan as a pillow :P

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newly Discovered Giant Rat Species

Great accompanying article too: Giant rat found in 'lost volcano'

I personally find previously unknown animal species fascinating... especially when they're cute & furry!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Cage

I plan to do quite a few cage related posts, but today I just want to share my cage. It's a little small for my 3boys(hoping to upgrade next year) but they seem to like it & I try to keep it full of entertainment for them :P
This is their current set-up(tad messy as they like to nest in the top level):

In this pic you can see, my marshall bandit bridge in the top(got it on eBay, it's basically the only non-pocket/tube/hidey-hole hammock they'll sleep on so far), there's also a bunch of chews up there, a seed block & one of 3 food bowls.
2nd Level has a log bridge I got them recently from Ranch House Cages, the rattys love it. You can also see their salt lick in the far right corner.
Not much down the bottom today, just a corner hammock, a couple of rope perches, food, water & the orange ball things you can see is one of two rope/wood bird toys in the cage at the moment.
I'm hoping to upgrade to a Ferret Kingdom cage next year, but for now my rattys seem quite comfortable & they get play time everyday(and extra play time when I'm overwhelmed by their insane cuteness :P). Soon enough they'll be bigger & won't be able to escape from my playpen, then they can play for as long as they like :P Crazy little escape artists....

Rat Stuff

I've created this blog as an extention of my facebook group Rat Stuff as my minds current focus in life, is rat stuff. I felt I needed a third blog to fill with my thoughts. So, to begin, heres some pictures of my new rattys Homer, Khan & Little Boots.

Khan & Homer snuggling.

Little Boots grooming his belly!


The photos kinda suck, as they were taken with my b/f's phone.... Hopefully I'll get better pics soon, but they're super cute, regardless of quality :P
But yeah, I'll be posting a LOT in this blog, at least for the next few weeks. Quite a lot of things to cover in regards to rattys, be nice to pass on a little knowledge.